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Bandung Sea of Fire

Bandung Sea of ​​Fire
Bandung Sea of ​​Fire is a conflagration in the city of Bandung on March 23 1946.It burned by citizens aim to prevent Allied soldiers and NICA Netherlands to use the city of Bandung as a strategic military base in the War of Independence Indonesia.
                the term 'Bandung Sea of Fire' in the Suara Merdeka daily news on March 26, 1946. When the fire was in progress, a young journalist, Atje Bastaman, watched from the hills of Mount Leutik around Pameungpeuk, Garut.From peak, Atje Bastaman see Cicadas Bandung flushed from up to Cimindi. Therefore, as soon as he arrived in Tasikmalaya, Atje Bastaman vigorously immediately write a story about the incident and titled "Bandoeng Djati Laoetan Api" , but he should make it shorter title, which became "Bandoeng Laoetan Api". this event and the title "Bandung Sea of Fire".
               Bandung Lautan Api or we can call Bandung Sea of Fire comes from the landing of Dutch invaders.Bandung resident fighters are trying to take the weapons and control from the hands of Japan.When the Dutch invaders demanded that all the weapons in the hands of resident handed over to the allies except TKR and police.But,the Dutch invaders have requested to surrender of weapons that had been taken from japan .This results confirmed via ultimatum (which mean that last statement or irrevocably request that is part of a diplomatic way to other countries, and the usual followed by the Japan colonizer) that Japanese weapons that have been seized immediately handed over to the Allies and the people who occupy Bandung should to leave the Bandung,this request at the latest on November 29, 1945,with reason of security of the citizens of Bandung.
            On November 21, 1945, TKR and Indonesian fighters launched attacks on British troops in the northern part of Bandung . Hotel Homann and Hotel Preanger used as the headquarters of the enemy also not spared from attacks.In response to this attack, three days later, MacDonald launched an ultimatum to the Governor of West Java. This ultimatum shows that residents of the North Bandung should leave the Bandung city including emptying of the armed forces. Indonesian people who heard this ultimatum is not received. Therefore, fighting broke out between the allies and fighters Bandung on December 6, 1945. Then, on March 23, 1946, the allies repeated the ultimatum. Allies ordered TRI (Army of the Republic of Indonesia) promptly leave the city of Bandung. Hearing the ultimatum, the government of Indonesia in Jakarta and then instruct that TRI vacate the city of Bandung for the safety of the people. However, this command is different to that given from TRI headquarters in Yogyakarta. From Yogyakarta, given an instruction that TRI stay in Bandung. In this period, the allies also divide Bandung in two regions, North and South Bandung Bandung. Then, ask the allies to leave North Bandung Indonesia.
              Circumstances in the city is becoming increasingly tense. This town atmosphere became tense and full of people who panic. The fighters also confused in following different instructions from central Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Finally, the fighters Indonesia decided to launch a massive attack against the allies in March 24 1946.Para Indonesian fighters attacked the allied outposts. They also set fire to the entire city of North Bandung. After successfully scorch North Bandung city, then they went to resign from North Bandung. This action was carried out by 200,000 people over 7 jam.Kondisi Bandung filled with flames make this event dubbed as the Bandung Lautan Api.

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