Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

My Holiday

During the semester holiday,i spent my holiday in home.In home i just do what should be done,like getting out of bed, and then taking a shower,and then eat my breakfast ,and then lay on the bed and play my smartphone.

Nothing special on my holiday,during the holidays,i don't go anywhere,actually sometimes i visited my cousin who is close to my house.My cousin name is Naomi,i visited her house,when i'm bored in home.I visited her home and bring some snacks.In her house at home, we watch some movies. We watch murder movies,the tiltle is SAW ,we watched it every day, there are seven parts, and we watched it from part 1 until part 4.

This movie tells the story of the game of murder , and the game is not just a game, the rules of the game are all those who participated, must complete the mission, the mission is always related to some one life , if the people who participated the game did not  complete the given mission, the person will die.

Even though that's very disgust, we keep watching it until part 4,because the film makes us think about that stories and make us intrigued.Not just a murder movie that we watched,we visit youtube and search some channels that we think is exciting.and finally we found some channel that make us very exciting,the name of channel is Jovi Adhiguna.

Jovi Adhiguna channel is very interesting, because the video is very funny,i and Naomi laugh at his videos because in his videos ,he doing something funny and make us laugh at it.And that is my semester holiday,i hope you enjoyed to read it

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