Selasa, 27 September 2016

Unforgettable Moment

Yesterday,on 27 September i had a bad incident that cannot be forgotten in my life,ok this is my story,please enjoy it :)))

My Zipper's Broke

         Yesterday,i have a swimming activity at Siliwangi swimming pool.But before we go to the pool,me with my friends want to have a lunch in Bazzar.In Bazzar i'm buy "Batagor".After we have a lunch,we go to the siliwangi swimming pool,at 15.45 we arriving at Siliwangi swimming pool.After we put our bags in lockers,we change our clothes in toilet,so many people in toilet,so we must wait other people to finish their activity.\
        I changing clothes outside,while my friends change a clothes in the toilet room.A few minutes later a few minutes later i want to a pee,because of that i wait my friends out form the toilet.After my friends out from the toilet,i go to inside the toilet,but because my swimsuit wear a zipper,i must open the zipper,but after i pee ,when i want to close my swimsuit ,i'm realize that my zipper is broken,''Oh My God what should i do???" and OMG the people in the toilet look at me,i'm so shy, and i'm so panic,so i tell my firends that my zipper is broken,so my friends help me to fix the zipper,but me and my friends can't fix the zipper,so i go to the outside to buy a swimsuit,omg why this swimsuit is so expensive,the price is 300.000 rupiah,the lucky that i'm bring so many money in my wallet,so i bought that swimsuit and do the swim test.
     After i do the swim test,i call my mom to pick me up from the siliwangi swimming pool,but my mom told me to call my older sister to pick me up,so i call my sister to pick me up,and after i call my sister,my sister is waiting at outside the siliwangi swimming pool

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