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Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is an amusement park in Bandung,Indonesia. Trans Studio is built on a land with size of 4,2 hectares with an investment cost up to 2 trillion Rupiah.Trans Studio Bandung is composed of three large sections,a shopping mall called Trans Studio Mall (usually referred as TSM), a recreation park called Trans Studio,and a luxury hotel called Trans Studio Hotel.

Trans Studio Mall Bandung or usually referred as TSM is the largest shopping mall in Bandung,Indonesia.The mall is located strategic location at jalan Gatot Subroto.The shopping mall has 5 floors in total.

This is the map in the recreation park

So this is the rides in recreation park

Yamaha Racing Coaster,This rides is perfect for you who want to test the adrenaline,because this rides is very fast.If you have a trauma,I’m told you,don’t ride this rides,because this rides might be make your trauma will be more and more

Jelajah,this rides will give you the experience of adventure in the African forest and were met with wild animals and pass a waterfall with a height of 13 meters.

Giant Swing, Giant Swing is the first giant swing in Indonesia.These rides will take you spinning at a height of 18 Meters.

Marvel Superhero 4D,this rides is showing you about superhero in marvel comic in 4D

Vertigo,this rides is a giant windmill that can take you spin around 360 degrees.

Special Efect Action,This rides uncover the secret behind the action film

Negeri Raksasa,This rides makes you visit he lands of the giants that above the clouds and you are ready to drop in height of 20 meters.

Dunia Lain,This rides will makes you tense because this rides is a rides that brings you to a place that is haunted in Bandung.

Science Center,this rides is a rides to play and learn science.

Broadcast Museum,this rides gives you the secrets behind the production of various programs that exist in Trans TV and Trans 7.

Sky Pirates,These rides take you around the Trans Studio Bandung.

Kong Climb,this rides suitable for those who like to climb walls to steals a gems guarded by the Kingkong.

Dragon Riders,This rides give you the experience of riding a dragon.

Blackheart Pirate Ship,This rides is a playground forchildren,that make your child doesn’t want to leave these rides.

Racing Car,This rides is rides for those who want to learn to drive safely.

Pulau Liliput,This rides is a special area for children.

Trans Movie Magic,This rides gives you a wide screen viewing experience more real.

Trans City Theatre,This rides is a magnificent theatre by presenting a variety of performance.

Amphitheatre TSB,this rides is featuring a variety show with a spectacular design and special effect.
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