Selasa, 20 September 2016


Hello, readers! This is my first English assignment. It's about the reason why I choose SMAN 3 Bandung to be my school.
          let me tell you about the first time I knew SMAN 3 Bandung. Since I was a student of Junior High School, at 13 JHS Bandung, my mom always tells me that favorite school in Bandung is 3 SHS,because 3 SHS is an elite school in Bandung which has the best teachers from all over Indonesia,that’s why 3 SHS is the best school in Bandung.
I became a ninth-grader and I had to work hard to get great scores on the national exam because my achievement was not a collateral for me. Finally I faced the national exam,but I just got 342.5.The lucky,PPDB  open lines in the region,why? because it is an opportunity for people living in Bandung to enter sma 3 bandung, while sma 3 has a passing grade 116, and alhamdulillah my score was enough to get in to  sma 3, It was a really wonderful gift from Allah. 
                   Finally, the time that I had been waiting came. On July 16, I participated in the technical meeting of PLiST (Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah Tiga) 2016. We were given some tasks. On July 18. we participated in PLiST. It was really fun. I joined group 2. We were told by our mentors about the story of SMAN 3, about the very much tasks, about the really hard tests, and many more. I'm ready. We were also taught about the motto of SMAN 3, "Knowledge is Power, but Character is More".
            And then Before I entered X  MIPA 10 class,i entered X Social 1,because i failed the psychological test,and my social bigger than schience,because of that i was put into a X Social 1.But i want to enter the schience class, because my future goals of becoming an architect, that is why I appeal to the school to put me in science class,and school accept my request, but I was given a contract by the school that I was only given probation in science classes for 3 months,and I accepted it, and I was put into a  MIPA 10 class. I hope that I can survive in this science class.

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